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Custom Superhero Cape
Boy and girl capes jumping Custom Initial on Emblem for customized superhero Capes Example of a Fushcia Personalized SuperHero Cape custom made Aqua Personalized SuperHero Cape Green Personalized SuperHero Cape Custom Superhero Cape for Kids customized superhero capes on a fence for a superhero birthday party
Custom Superhero Cape
Custom Superhero capes make great gifts.  These capes are customized so you can be a REAL superhero!  Personalize capes with your own initial or make a custom cape based on your favorite superhero.  Either way you are bound to have tons of fun with your customized cape.  We have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from, we're so sure you'll come up with the perfect custom cape that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So even if you're worried about making your own personalized cape, no need.  You'll be free to fight crime and save the day!
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Customer Reviews

Why can't I access all the letters of the alphabet to customize the cape I want to order?? The letters only go up to F.

Hi there,
If you use the sliding bar on the side of the initials you will see all the other letters.
I would like to know how you determine who gets the donated capes. My cousin grew up with Cf which finally took her life at 32. I would like to be able to donate the capes I buy to children with Cf in the hospitals. They are my heroes. They fight there who life's with this disease with no cure and a for sure fate. If you could let me know how you know who what's a donation I would be greatful..

Hi Gina,

We partner with an organization called Heart Heroes. They provide the capes to children with any and all type of heart defects who are either in the hospital or at home.
If you'd like your donation to include a personal message to the recipient please enter a note in the "include a message here" and we will forward it to the Heart Heroes organization who will then include that with the cape.

Hope that answers your question.
My only wish is that you could order two initials. My grandson's nickname is EJ.

Hi Opa,

It is actually possible to order a cape with 2 initials, not through the website, but if you call us we can make capes with more initials or even several words.
My sons received this from there aunt and uncle for xmas and what a hit! My son 5 year old has it on all the time and runs around letting it fly behind him! We saw capes when we opened them xmas morning. I opened them and put them on the kids and they were excited, when i saw the personalized letters on the back I was so excited about them! Such an awesome gift!!!!!! Something they can hold onto forever...the quality is excellent and the idea of it being your very own is awesome. I will be thinking of these for birthdays and xmas in 2014!
I bought a cape for my brother and his whole family, his fiance and their two daughters (ages 13 and 2) and one of my friends. They all loved them, especially the the two year old. She asks to wear her cape all the time. Even the 13 year old has it hung up in her room right inside the door, she may now wear it as often as her younger sister but she still has it out.
I have just purchased cape #4 for a little person in my life. These capes are very good quality for the price. The colors are brilliant and the shipping is very fast. I had to make a change upon this last order and customer service was extremely helpful, as well as, very friendly. I think that this is a fantastic company and what child wouldn't love a superhero cape?!
The cape is beautiful, unfortunately my 2.5 year old will no longer wear it bc it hurts him. The Velcro at the neck has exposed rough edges that are pretty sharp. I wish the finished the edges or somehow covered them to protect sensitive necks. I taught him to pull it down in the front, but that only lasted a day before he refused to wear it any longer. Great idea, not so great execution. Wish I wear craftier and could fix it myself.

From Superfly Kids: Thanks for the feedback. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and we recently started using a softer velcro to help with this issue. Please return the cape and we will send a new one out right away! Or, if you'd prefer we can issue a refund. Thanks for your patience.
I just got my son's cape in the mail, and WOW!! I'm so impressed! The quality is fantastic, its beautifully done, and it came in only a few days, even though I was expecting it to take weeks. I love it!! The only hard part will be waiting 3 whole months to give it to him for his birthday!
My 6 year old grandson received the outfit as a birthday present from his aunt and loves it! He does not want to take it off and even wanted to wear it to the dentist! He is already checking out the web site because he wants to get another one!
I just received 2 capes for my boys bday party next week, unfortunately one of them already has a whole on it. Looks like someone ran over it. So disappointed that his brother has his cape and he doesn't. Hopefully can find him another cape soon before the big day.

From Superfly Kids: Please send an email to support@superflykids.com. Our product is guaranteed. You can return it for a refund of the purchase price, or, we would be happy to exchange it. Happy Flying!
I am so happy with the cape. Almost as happy as my son. No he's not a little boy. He's actually a 6ft tall 16 yr old that needed something unique to wear to show school spirit during football games. This was perfect. I customized it with the school colors and their first initial. The smile on his face when I suprised him with the cape was wonderful.
Cons: he said the velcro hurt his neck a little and I don't like the light blue thread stiching. Maybe it would be better if we could choose the color of the thread.
Other than that, no complaints. Love it!
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