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Custom Superhero Costume
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Custom Superhero Costume

Sometimes, a cape is not enough. Go all the way with this outfit - cape, t-shirt, blaster cuffs and mask will complete the look for your superhero. Here's a little information about each component: Cape: Children's superhero capes are made of premium satin, have a serged edge and a hook and loop closure for easy on/off. The designs on the capes are made of the same premium satin and are finished with an embroidered edge. Blaster Cuffs: The cuffs are made of polar fleece with satin accents. They measure 6in. (15cm) - it doesn't seem too long, but it fits perfectly onto the forearm of most kids (my 4 year old and 6.5 year old both wear them and they fit great). Mask: Masks are made from the same satin material as the capes so they'll match perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

The kids love it! Now who's the Super Aunt!
a cape that flys
Omg i got 2 cape for my twin boys for xmas my god did they love them! there almost 3 and they wear them non-stop it even hangs on the end of their beds of a night time! this company is the best!!! i even had 1 made for my and my hubbie, one with a "M" (for mum) and one with a "D" (for dad) omg they beg us to wear them! its so nice to see my babies so happy after everything we have all been through, it was the 1st proper give the boy had ever had. during "Black saturday" (australia's worst bushfire) we lost everything and i was 8months pregnant @ the time, and i had them later that day, but cuz of the money problems with insurence we couldnt get out boys gifts :( but they now have there capes and they are as happy as can be! thx so much!!

Stacy Hele
These capes are great, anyone that complains out the quality is CRAZY. They are PERFECT for the price and for the purpose. Any child would be happy to get one of these capes.. I bought two and they couldnt be cuter.
Adorable and well son! Absolutely sweet, I am sure my daughter will absolutely LOVE her cape for Christmas! <3
Callan loves his cape, with his big red C on it. The only thing Callan did not like is the Velcro part that "ties" his cape on him. He said it was scratchy, so we took off the Velcro and replaced it with a button. But other than that, the cape is awesome, and Callan even wears it to bed.
I ordered a cape for my friend about 2 - 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't gotten here yet

From Superfly:
We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we sometimes have hiccups. Please contact service at: support@powercapes.com or 313-454-1492 M-F 9am - 5pm EST and we can help figure this out.
My son received one of these capes through your wonderful donations to the heart hero cape program. My son was born with a complex heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, HLHS for short. In easier words he was born with half of a heart. The left side of his heart didn't form. We just got his cape in the mail yesterday and let's just say that my son has not taken it off yet. He LOVES it. He will be going in for another open heart surgery here at the end of July and he will be wearing this cape proudly as I am sure that it will help him feel like he is strong like superman. I can't thank you all enough and keep donating to this program cause I know it will help my son as I am sure that it will help a lot of other kid's facing CHD's. 1 in 100 children are born with a CHD and it kills more children then ALL childhood cancers combined. Keep spreading the awareness and let's keep helping children to feel like they are all super hero's.
Very cute. I ordered some of these capes, shirts, cuffs, and masks for my boys. The only thing is the small shirt was fine but the med. shirt was as short as the small so it was to small for my son. The medium shirt is just a little wider but not any longer.
I LOVE these capes! I got the cape, bands and mask for my daugheter for her 5th birhtday and she had so much fun with them. Her 2 yr old brother kept using them, and it was a bit big for him, so he got his own for Christmas, and he wears them every day! We love them, and have really had fun with them. Highly reccomend them for any kiddos and they make great gifts! Great company, they are very resonsive and very helpful. Thank you so much!
I just want to say these are more than I expected!!! My Grandkids are going to love them!! I had some concerns when I first placed my order concerning arrival dates. My concerns were answered right away. My capes were here very quickly. I am so impressed with this entire experience, I would strongly reccomend this site to everyone!!! I will order again!!!Thanks again ,GrandmaF
My kids will both be getting their custom superhero costumes for the holidays this year. I am so excited for them to wear them! I was impressed with the quality of the costumes when they arrived. The stitching on the emblems is definitely done wonderfully. I didn't give the cosutmes a 5 star rating because even though the cape and tshirt are of great quality I think the cuffs and the mask might be a little flimsy. My kids haven't played with them yet so I can't truly say how they will hold up. I'm hoping they stand the test of time....and two rowdy kids.
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