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Donate a Cause Cape™
Donate a Cause Cape™

Your donated cape will be created and delivered to a child suffering from a pediatric illness.  We partner with various children’s hospitals and dedicated cause based charities to get these capes to kids who need them.

When you donate a cape we encourage you to send a video message of encouragement to the child.  Simply film a short 15 - 30 second video with your phone and upload the video to this product.  Or, once you've placed your order, email the video directly from your phone by sending it to cause@superflykids.com and entering your order number in the subject of the email.

We will create a dedicated page for the video message and send you a link for viewing.  The children that get your donated cape(s) will be able to send a "thank you" response message. Their video will be posted on the same we page as yours so you will be able to see the positive influence your donation has had.

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Add a message to the child who will receive the Cause Cape™

Attach your 15 - 30 second video of encouragement here.  Or, you can send an email after you place your order to cause@superflykids.com and put your order number in the subject line.

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I nominated my granddaughter for a cause cape.she has Chiari malformation and just had her 2nd surgery on September 15th her cape arrived on her birthday September 10th she turned 9 She was so happy to wear it to her party I cannot thank you enough
My daughter Gabriella always gets a cape every year and she loves it.
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