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Kids Superhero Cape with emblem
Black with red bolt Black with green bolt Blue with yellow bolt Blue with red star Fuchsia with purple heart Green with silver star Green with black bolt Light Pink with orchid flower Light Pink with fuchsia star Light Purple with orchid bolt Red with blue star Red with yellow bolt Orange with blue star Purple with bubblegum flower Silver with blue bolt White with ocean blue flower Yellow with black star yellow with blue star Yellow with red lightning bolt
Kids Superhero Cape with emblem

Our Ready - Made Emblem Superhero Capes for Kids

Pick from any of the stylish superhero colors as displayed on the left. Premium satin capes with embroidered assorted emblems and hook and loop (velcro like) closure.

These popular combinations are always ready to go and will help your child be a real superhero even faster.

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Customer Reviews

it powerless and kid superhero custom in com at june 30
Just got my daughters T-shirt with Thunderbolt and initial In plus eye mask and blue cape! So excited it's adorable! My daughter loves it.....so sorry I did not get thunderbolt on cape too. I'm going to order one for my nephew in future. I would def buy again. Also the face mask is nice and soft on my child's face! Thanks super fly kids!!!
I absolutely love these. My 2 Grandsons are 7 and 9. They would absolutely love these. I am going to try and save up for them one for Christmas. They are into super heros. The seven year old is into wrestling big time. His favorite is John Sina. I don't know what colors that would be but it would be so nice for him to have something in that line. My husband is in stage 5 kidney failure and is on dialilis. He tries to play with them when he can but its hard. I am disabled with tumors and arthritis and it's hard to get around but we are doing our best. If you have any ideas about the cape for my 7 year old please will you share it with me. I would love to be able to afford them both one. Are you going to have any Christmas specials? Thank you for thinking of all the kids and doing an awesome job.
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