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Custom Superhero Costume
Boy in Costume
Custom Superhero Costume

Sometimes, a cape is not enough. Go all the way with this outfit of a cape, t-shirt, blaster cuffs and mask to complete the look for your Superhero costume or for your very own Sidekick's costume.

Here's a little information about each component: Cape: Children's superhero capes are made of premium satin, have a serged edge and a hook and loop closure for easy on/off. The designs on the capes are made of the same premium satin and are finished with an embroidered edge. Blaster Cuffs: The cuffs are made of polar fleece with shiny star accents. Masks: The outside of the masks are made from the same satin material as the capes and the inside is the same polar fleece as the cuffs.

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That costume was THE greatest superhero costume I have ever created!!!
How much money does a PJ Mask Catboy costume with a Catboy wristband that works like on TV cost?

Hi there! Thank you for contacting us! If you would like a quote for a Catboy costume, please contact us directly at support@superflykids.com. Have a SUPER day!
Ok It was Awesome but my son got a cape one day but he didn't get the full costume and he had glitter on his so it looked like space but he can't get it for his shirt now and his b-day is soon THIS Month I was going to get him the shirt cuffs and mask and the shirt look like his cape but it wont have the glitter Why?

Hi there,

The custom cape and custom costume are 2 seperate products, only the complete costume comes with the shirt, mask and cuffs.
We used to offer sparkle fabric but have discontinued that a while back. You may have received a cape that was made with sparkle fabric from our Ready To Go section. We still have some sparkle fabric left over but only in certain colors and it looks like we have run out of the color you wanted.
We do hope that son enjoys his cape though!
Two stars because their size 7+ tee are smaller then the size 6 that my grandkids now wear. The next option is ADULT,,,that won't work.

I love the whole outfit but the tee shirts are a BUST!!

Hi Donna,

We are aware that the shirts are a little smaller than most other brands and we are switching to a different brand for the shirts.
Please email us directly at support@superflykids.com and we consider other options for the shirt.
Thank you for your review
I absolutely LOVE the custom super hero costume. I was a little afraid that the quality would be questionable, especially considering it's for a (soon to be) six year old... 110% satisfied though. I opened the package and couldn't help, but bounce around totally ecstatic over this product. My niece is going to be so unbelievably excited over her custom super hero outfit. The quality, the durability, the stitching is beautifully done... Everything about it is simply amazing!!!! Just looking at it I can tell that it's going to handle the whims of a little super hero! I will definitely be a returning customer!!!!
These are fantastic. I have now ordered seven of the superhero costumes. I've given them to kids from 2 to 43. I even wore one to an Arcade Fire concert.
I love gifts that inspire imagination and play and these costumes are where the fun begins.
I'd give 5 stars if the velcro weren't so scratchy. Please research the attachment feature and find an alternative that is safe and comfortable.

Hello TheBestGifter,

We have recently changed our velcro to a softer and rounded velcro that is much more comfortable to wear. Some of our older capes may still have the old style velcro but we are replacing them slowly with all new capes with the newer style closure.

Thanks for the feedback!!
The kids love it! Now who's the Super Aunt!
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