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Custom Superhero T-Shirt
Custom Kids Superhero Shirt with Emblem and Initial Custom Kids Superhero Shirt with Emblem and Initial Close Up of Emblem and Initial Stitched on Shirt Close Up of Stitching on Inside of Shirt Custom Kids Superhero Shirt with Emblem and Initial
Custom Superhero T-Shirt

These superhero t shirts are 100% cotton with an embroidered emblem and initial. Perfect for wearing underneath a custom cape or just around the house.

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these are super cute, made and super fun! my boys are going to love them ! The only negative is the shirt sizing wish there was a size between youth md and adult lg my 8 year old falls in between so i got him the lg but now have some altering to do.
i love the cape i know im only nine but i just love it now my hollowen coustume is compleate uh oh got to go bye.
I bought this for my friend's 2 year old's birthday. His favorite color is yellow, so I bought it in yellow with blue lettering. He loved it! Everytime I go over there, he's in this shirt and remembers that I bought it for him. The stitching looks really nice (checked it out before I wrapped it out). I'm no sizing expert, but it seemed to fit him just fine.
Overall product is great and we're having a blast with it. Was disappointed by sizing of the shirt - the "Hero" shirt designated for ages 6-10+ was nowhere near big enough to fit my 8 year-old. It is a youth medium - way too small for him! Could have used more of a heads-up on the size there. Delivery took a while, but product is exactly as he wanted and we're ready to go fight the evil-doers!
You guys have no idea how much time you saved me, This is exactly what I was looking for Grace, my granddaughter. She is a HAPPY CAMPER now. The only thing I did not like is that I had to wait 3 days before I had the product in my hands, but that is probably because I am so used to going to the store and going home with what I buy. Believe me, I tried finding this in a store, but I could not. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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