We make all of our products by hand. Our capes are made with a thick, premium satin material just like a real superhero cape - not a cheap felt material like some other companies use. Our emblems and Initials are stitched on the capes, shirts and blaster cuffs to ensure they will never fall off during play or after being washed. Other companies simply glue or iron on their emblems, but not us! We provide the most authentic custom superhero products on the market today. Some examples of our quality:

quality and safety


All of our products are made with your child's safety in mind. For example: our capes fasten with a small hook and loop closure for easy on/off. This keeps the cape on during play but allows it to safely break away from your child's neck if the cape were to get caught on something or if another person was to grab the end of the cape. Our capes are not intended for sleepwear.


All of our products have been tested, certified and meet the standards for the United States Government's Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). If you'd like a General Compliance Certificate (GCC ) with your shipment, please let us know.


Our tiny disclaimer here: we do not encourage the little ones to jump off couches and chairs, but we know it happens so please use caution when superhero-ing. For the adults who have purchased one of our capes - if your superhero-ing efforts get you into trouble, we are not available to bail you out!